Friday, January 06, 2006

First Week with Mom...

My first week home with just mom was good. Pretty uneventful but good. Here's what we did in a nutshell...

-uneventful only ate, slept and pooped

-tried out my new baby einstein activity gym that I got from Santa (I really enjoyed looking at all the different things especially myself in the mirror, the rabbit on the mat and the star that has glowing lights - I am really glad that Santa gave me this for Christmas)

-peed through two outfits and almost got mom in the process
-helped mom make dinner, well I got to be carried around by mom while she did the cooking

-peed through another outfit
-tired out my new swing and really loved it
-got to wear the racing car outfit my grandma gave me
-worked out with mom (we danced; did some ab workouts; mom even helped me workout, just my legs and arms; she also gave me a massage, it was really fun)

-pretty uneventful just ate, slept and pooped, oh and I also got to hang out in my swing (do I ever love that swing); I want to save my energy for the weekend, I am sure that I am going to do some fun stuff with my dad and mom (maybe we will get to go for another hike with Cooper)

Here are some photos that mom took of me this week.

This is me in the sweater that my great-grandmother game me. As you can see I really like the sweater, that's why I am smiling.

This is a close-up of me trying to smile, some times it takes a long time to get me to smile.

This is a photo of me smiling because my mom is tickling my chin. She does that a lot and it really makes me laugh.

This is me sleeping on my mom's legs. I really like sleeping with her, in fact that is where I sleep most of the time. If she tries to put me in the crib, then I usually wake up until she puts me back on her chest or her legs.

So as you can see we did a lot this week, it was really great. But, I did really miss my dad. But when he got home from work I made sure to spend lots of time with him. I also made sure that when it was bed-time I only feel asleep on him, that way we got to spend lots of time together and I got the best sleep (I love sleeping on my dad).



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