Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First Mother's Day...

Well since Dad isn't going to type this I guess I will before we forget everything...

The day before Mother's Day Dad took Nick out to the mall by himself for a couple of hours. I got to stay at home and watch Cooper. Then they got home and I took at bath and Dad watched Nick upstairs. It was really great. Half way through my bath I was given a dirty Nick to bathe, they wouldn't tell me how he got so dirty, just that Dad wasn't done and Nick needed to be cleaned.

It all became clear when they gave me my Mother's Day gifts. First they gave me a card that had Nick foot print on it - I can't believe how much it has grown since he was born. Then they gave me a book called, "Are you my Mother?". Nick and I got to read it together and to this day he likes to read it. Then they gave me a bag of kisses, which is my favourite chocolate. What could be better than this?

Well to top everything off, they then gave me a t-shirt that had Nick's hand and foot prints on it. It was awesome.

----- This is where Dad cuts in ------

Nick and I first saw the shirt on a rack in a store with a variety of other different ones - all were along the theme of "World's greatest mother" and came with some hand paints to place Nicks prints on the shirt. After finding the right size, we went home and started the task while mom was in the bath.

The lesson we learned that day: infants love playing with gushy stuff between their fingers. However, they do not like to spread their fingers apart for a nice, clean hand-print.

In the end, Nick gave mom the shirt along with the other gifts. It wasn't until mom re-read the shirt several times that we realized that we picked the only shirt in the stack that wasn't about mom - it instead said "World's greatest dad". Ahhhhh. A trip back to the store proved that there were no other dad related shirts in the pile of other mothers shirt on a mothers day weekend.

Despite the mix-up (which Mom forgave us for), it was the most fun Nick and I have experienced to date!


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