Friday, June 09, 2006

Signing? Or Mom's wishful thinking?...

I have been trying to teach Nicholas sign language. From everything that I have read apparently infants are able to understand language, they just are not able to speak until they are older. Therefore, they recommend that you try teaching your infant sign language so that they are able to communicate with you before they are able to speak.

So... I have been trying to teach Nicholas "milk" (which is to open and close your fist like you are milking a cow). For the first time the other day (two days ago), Nick did what looked like his attempt at the sign. He closed his fist at Dad and then started chewing on Dad's hand further indicating that he was hungry. Is this the start of us being able to communicate with Nicholas? Only time will tell.


6 Month Doctor's Appointment...

Yesterday was Nick's 6-month doctor's appointment, and yet again there were more needles. Nick's leg is a little swollen today and a little tender but he seems to be doing okay.

He has grown 4 cm since the last appointment and is now 70 cm long (about 28 inches). His head circumference is now 45 cm, which is a cm bigger (about 18 inches). And he now weighs 19 lbs 8 oz, which is a 1 lb 4 oz difference than last time. I was a little surprised by the weight I could have sworn that he was over 20 lbs!! Nick is in the 90 percentile for all of his measurements, which is where he has been all along. If he keeps growing this fast he will soon be taller than his Dad!! :)

The next doctor's appointment will be at month 9, so there will be no needles -- which is a good thing for Mom. I think that I get more upset than he does, he didn't really cry this last time. He just let out a little bit of a cry for the second needle (and did nothing for the first needle -- except get mad because I was holding down his legs), but as soon as Dad pick him up he stopped right away.