Saturday, October 21, 2006

First Finger Painting Experience...

Well today we thought that we would try finger painting for the first time. I thought that it would have went better than it did. He didn't seem that interested in making the mess, maybe because he was tired. But oh well, we still had fun and had even more fun cleaning up his mess and him afterwards.


P.S. Don't worry the paint was non-toxic and we didn't get any in his mouth, just all around it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Steps...

And so it begins... Nicholas tried to walk for the first time today. He took two steps from the coffee table to the couch. He sort of feel into the couch when he got there, but still two steps by his self no help.

Since then we have tried to get him to walk more, and he is getting a bit braver but still only one or two unassisted.


First Thanksgiving...

Well this past weekend was Nick's first Thanksgiving. We first celebrated by going to Chudleigh's. There was a lot of people who decided to do the same thing, but we still had a lot of fun and enjoyed taking Nick. We got to see a bunch of animals at the petting zoo and Dad took Nick down the slide that they have there (I don't know who had more fun - Nick or Dad). We are probably going to go again next year when Nick is a little bit older and can enjoy it a bit more and so that he can join in with all the kids, instead of just watching them.

We had dinner at Nonna's house on Sunday with all the family. Nick tried some of Aunt Rita's squash, which he really liked (as did Mom and Dad). After dinner we played on the swings at the park while everyone else played soccer.

Monday we had Grandma and the whole family over to our place for dinner. Again a lot of food was eaten, and even Nick ate more than he has been lately - I think he has another tooth coming in. We had a lot of fun on the weekend and enjoyed seeing all the family.