Wednesday, July 26, 2006

First Camping Trip...

Well we had our first camping trip as a family. It was the first time we took Nicholas camping and also the first time we took Cooper camping.

We went to Sibbald Point for a week (well 7 nights and 8 days). The first day that we got there Dad and I set everything up (the tent, kitchen tent and tarp). That was fun trying to do while entertaining Nicholas, at least we got some of it done while he was sleeping.

The first night was an interesting one. Nicholas fell asleep really easily (he was sleeping on the air mattress between Dad and I), however Cooper didn't fall asleep that easily. He didn't go to sleep until 2 am, and before that any twig that broke in the woods he would bark. He bark at everything, even some times at nothing -- luckily there wasn't many people in the park, or people would have been complaining. It was bad, every time he bark he would make me jump it was that loud. We were getting to the point where we were going to put Cooper in the car if he didn't settle down. Luckily that was when he just passed out from exhaustion. He slept in the next morning until 10-11 am. It was nice to be able to catch up on some much needed sleep.

The next few days just consisted of us walking to the dog beach taking Cooper for a swim and hanging out at the campsite. It took Cooper about two trips to the beach before he would go out into the water and actually swim, every other time he would just play in the water and get his head wet. But now he actually knows that he is a dog that likes the water and was bred to swim and swims all the time.

We went into town most days, just to get out and do something different with Nicholas. It was good to drive around (he would sleep in the car while we drove around). There was even a time where we had to buy news clothes because of the accident that Nicholas had (it was a nasty one, and we had to change him in the hatchback because it was so messy). There is no Zellers in Keswick, people there buy their baby clothes in Zehrs (who knew).

It rained a lot that week, so it was a good thing that we put the kitchen tent up. We spent a lot of time in there playing cards (Mom kicking Dad's butt). On the weekend our friends showed up and we did more of going to the beach and hanging around at the campsite. Nicholas again had one of the largest poops of his life -- which ended up on Mario as well (sorry Mario).

Grandma and Grandpa showed up on Sunday for a visit. I would like to say it was to see me and Amber, but I think that it was more to see Nick and to see how things were making out on the trip. They didn't stay long, just long enough to hold Nick and see Cooper swim.

The only other surprising thing that happened that week was that Nick got his first tooth. It started peeking through on the Tuesday (July 26th), and by the time we got home he had another one poking through. All around it was a good first camping trip, and I can't wait to do it again.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

First Father's Day...

Well the Dad's first Father's Day didn't actually happen on Father's Day. We were going to stay at Grandma's and Grandpa's house so that Dad could put the trailer hitch on the car (we bought a new trailer so that we can all go camping -- the Golf doesn't have enough room for all of us plus camping equipment). So Friday night after our walk, Mom and I gave Dad his presents.

I was so excited. Mom and I had found a bunch of photos that Dad liked and got them printed out, and put them in a frame for his desk at work. I think that he really liked it because there is his favourite picture of me in the baby carrier.

We also got him a statue of a father and son (it sort of looks like me and him together). I hope that he likes the presents and the card that I pick out for him.